Maximise the potential of your workforce through robotic process automation

Increase operational efficiency 24/7

Boost employee morale and productivity

Improve performance, accuracy and compliance

Reduce costs and enhance the customer experience

About Skyforce

We help businesses do business, better. By automating and optimising processes within and across departments, the company provides a flexible and scalable way for companies to rapidly grow and improve. From marketing to operations, IT and finance, Skyforce leverages AI and automation technologies to help companies continue to achieve their operational and strategic objectives.

How we help

Reduce risk by improving compliance, accuracy and consistency

Relieve personnel of tedious low-skilled work and shift resources to higher value tasks

Reduce training costs by using virtual assistants to facilitate training and knowledge transfer.

Reduce operational costs significantly by increasing efficiency and productivity within and across departments.

Deliver customer experience excellence by removing pain points and streamlining the customer journey across all touchpoints (contact centre, sales, finance etc.)

Help your business attain a single customer view by consolidating data, systems and processes.

Introduce self-service or chatbot options to fulfil customer queries more efficiently

Standardise processes to ensure consistency in meeting the brand and service delivery promise

Improve service levels and CX by using an interactive knowledgebase and virtual assistant to help support personnel resolve queries efficiently.

Achieve an ROI of 30 – 200 % in the first year.

Enjoy rapid implementation and maximum flexibility without the risk – solutions work with existing systems and infrastructure and can be scaled or adapted quickly.

Reap short and long-term benefits – after initial deployment, consolidate demand across business units to drive greater savings and align strategies.

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